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Your go-to interactive machine learning library

Vowpal Wabbit provides a fast, flexible, online, and active learning solution that empowers you to solve complex interactive machine learning problems.

What does Vowpal Wabbit do?

Vowpal Wabbit provides fast, efficient, and flexible online machine learning techniques for reinforcement learning, supervised learning, and more. It is influenced by an ecosystem of community contributions, academic research, and proven algorithms. Vowpal Wabbit is sponsored by Microsoft Research .

Optimize rewards with Contextual Bandits

Contextual Bandits are a form of reinforcement learning (RL). The vast majority of production real-world RL systems use contextual bandits techniques.

For an overview of a contextual bandit problem, including how to use Vowpal Wabbit in a CB setting with Python, read the contextual bandit tutorial.

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Install Vowpal Wabbit

For more information on installation requirements, building Vowpal Wabbit from source, or using a package manager read the installation wiki. Additional binary packages are available for select platforms.
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Ready to use Vowpal Wabbit? Follow this getting started tutorial . You will learn how to perform Linear Regression with VW—including how to interact with VW by structuring input and learning how to interpret VW output.

A vehicle for machine learning research

Vowpal Wabbit’s design is informed and influenced by advanced interactive and online learning research.

For more details on the research driving Vowpal Wabbit visit the Vowpal Wabbit publications list.

Join our community

Vowpal Wabbit is the result of community contributions since 2007. Get involved by contributing code or documentation on GitHub. Get answers to your questions on StackOverflow or chat with the development community on Gitter.
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