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> NeurIPS 2019 Workshop

Vowpal Wabbit basics with Python

beginner getting started Python
This tutorial is a quick introduction to training and testing your model with Vowpal Wabbit using Python.

Vowpal Wabbit command line basics

beginner getting started command line
Learn command line basics and explore how to train and test your models with Vowpal Wabbit.

Contextual bandits and Vowpal Wabbit

advanced contextual bandits command line python
This tutorial runs through the contextual bandit approach to reinforcement learning with Vowpal Wabbit.

Simulating Content Personalization with Contextual Bandits

advanced contextual bandits python
This tutorial will guide you through how to structure a simulator to model a real world scenario using contextual bandit algorithms.

Vowpal Wabbit Linear Regression Tutorial

beginner linear regression command line
This tutorial runs through a regression problem using a Vowpal Wabbit workflow and explains how to structure input and understand results.

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