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December 16, 2020

VowpalWabbit @ NeurIPS 2020

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Jack Gerrits

For a long time John Langford and others have presented about VW at the yearly NeurIPS and ICML conferences. This year was no different, apart from the fact that for the first time NeurIPS was completely online and remote. A benefit of this is that the complete workshop is now accessible online to anyone.

A huge thanks to everyone who presented, especially to Jacob Alber who organized the entire workshop.

The entire presentation is available here.


  • Introduction
    • Presenter: John Langford
    • Start time: 00:00:19
    • Slides
  • Probabilistic Label Trees
    • Presenter: Marek Wydmuch
    • Start time: 00:11:23
    • Slides
  • Contextual Bandits with Continuous Actions
    • Presenter: Maryam Majzoubi
    • Start time: 00:30:41
    • Slides
  • Slates
  • SquareCB
    • Presenter: Dylan Foster
    • Start time: 01:10:55
  • Distributionally-Robust CB
    • Presenter: Paul Mineiro
    • Start time: 01:30:26
  • CB Visualizations
    • Presenter: Milind Agarwal
    • Start time: 01:50:41
    • Slides
  • CB Benchmarks
    • Presenter: Mark Rucker
    • Start time: 02:07:42
    • Slides

You can find some of the content from past years here: